Not So "DARING" After All

I had signed up for a monthly cooking challenge at the beginning of June. The recipes are a "surprise", so I couldn't be added to the list until the next challenge appeared- which was today.

I was so excited to learn some new techniques, go outside my comfort zone and create some new dishes. Until I saw this month's challenge. While it's a secret, I will reveal that it involves a concept known as "molecular cuisine". I'm having a hard time with my friend Mr. Google in coming up with a definition of "molecular cuisine" or even "micro cuisine". The closest thing I can find is something to do with combining science and cooking, using powders and strange ingredients.

This month's recipe called for four different powders that are made with dried herbs and spices, and even dried banana chips. And all this goes with FISH? Only one powder was actually used on the fish. The other three were swirled on the plate. I would have to travel over 100 miles to obtain some of the off-the-wall ingredients and I'm not going to do that. Don't these people know I live in rural Kentucky!!?? This whole recipe sounds like a lot of trouble for a crappy result. I'm sitting out on this challenge. If next month's isn't more appetizing, I'm withdrawing my name from this Daring Cooks thing.

I'm still going to be a member of Daring Bakers (I think). I won't be able to see July's recipe until the beginning of July. If it's as absurd as this fish and powder thing, I might just go back to my Tuesdays with Dorie.

*Speaking of Tuesdays with Dorie, I couldn't participate this week because I don't have an ice cream maker - and I'm not going to buy one just to do one recipe. Maybe I'll have better luck with next week's recipe. Maybe I should just give up on this cooking thing and stick with cupcakes!


  1. That sounds interesting. Have you seen that show on the food network that combines science with cooking? I can't remember what it's called!

  2. Is it the one with Alton Brown? I don't really care for him that much - but I did like the episode where he made a cheesecake. I got some good tips from that!

  3. Please send me your mailing address so I can send you your case of Trident! Yay!


  4. You should totally get an ice cream maker anyways! Homemade ice cream is awesome! :D :D