Tiffany and Mamarazzi - You GO Girls!!

Mamarazzi's swap was focused on red, white and blue. For me, it was difficult to find things that were red, white and/or blue, but I managed to put together a box of goodies for Tiffany, my blog swap partner.

Check out all the goodies I got from Tiffany today. You won't believe it. I didn't believe it and I opened the package!!

Overall pic of the goodies when I opened the box...

RED nail polish. I only wear shades of red or bright pink on my toes and this one is PERFECT...

Strawberries!!! I have to grow them. Oh no! :) ...

Cinnamon apple candles...

Groovy photo album...

Mirror compact and lipstick case.
Funny thing... I sent Tiffany a purse-sized mirror as well!

White bath fizzies...

Homemade journal...(Tiffany, did you make this?)

Gum. Yummm...

GORGEOUS necklace... (Tiffany - did you make this, too?)

Cool blue bucket with star cutouts.

Did you know stars are my favorite shape?

Thanks Mamarazzi and Tiffany. The swap was great!


  1. Yes I did make those!!! And I'm glad you liked your package!!! This was fun wasn't it?

  2. This is awesome!! You made out good!! I love doing these things!

  3. awesome! my swap buddy made some of the items that arrived for me :) Very cool, as I have zero ability to do crafty things ;)

  4. That necklace is so pretty!