Work Cupcakes

I made some cupcakes for work last week and took lots of pictures. Will post soon!
I made the famous tye-dye cupcakes, as well as some devil's food chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting and little pastel sprinkly dots on top.
In the forthcoming pictures you'll see the most awesomest invention ever - the Cupcake Courier. The one that's pictured is blue - borrowed from my friend Susan.
And what came in the mail last week? My very own Cupcake Courier in pink! (No pics of it yet.) I can't wait to use it. It will hold 36 cupcakes or muffins, is easy to transport, and is very attractive. I always get compliments when I borrow Susan's CC. Now I have one of my very own. It was a Happy Birthday to me (from me) present! Those are the best kind - you always get what you want!

So... stay tuned for some tye-dye and devil's food pics.


  1. Ooh... I gotta see the Cupcake Courier! I bought a carrier a few months ago and it BLOWS!

  2. You can go to www.cupcakecourier.com, but they're sold out. I actually ordered it thru Amazon.