Tye Dye? Or "Tribute to the Gays"

Ok, I admit this is one of the worst pictures of the cupcakes. After making about a dozen, I got to the point that I didn't have enough of all the colors to get the tye dye effect for the last few. I'll call this one "Mardi Gras". I didn't want to cut any of the "good" tye dye cupcakes because I was taking them to work. I should have gotten a picture of one of our students diving into them.

In our awesome government office, we all received an email from the Secretary of Labor last month telling us that it was homo month - I'm sure she worded it differently, but it was basically gay rights month. So, in honor of our Secretary and the gays, I created the Gay Pride Cupcakes. I just loved telling the conservative religious co-workers that the cupcakes were for "the gays".
(It's ok that I refer to them as "the gays"... I have exclusive permission.)

On a side note, I also made devil's food cupcakes with chocolate fudge icing... it goes a little something like this...

The cupcakes were a big hit... even the "gay" ones!


  1. Awesome! I LOVE gay cupcakes!

  2. I think we need gay cupcakes at our next gathering.

  3. That looks like a freakin' tree or bush..Hell if I know.