graham cracker, do you still love me?

So I've made the Key Lime cupcakes, only there was no Key. So they were just lime. Good, but not great. The next time I'm in a big city (bigger that Pikeville with more than a super Wal Mart), I'll have to look for some.

Now, what to do with the other half of the cupcake batter? It's a graham cracker based batter, so whatever I do will have to be compatible with graham crackers. BTW, graham crackers are Newman's favorite treat. Who is Newman, you say? Check out my other blog at www.blogmydog.wordpress.com. He gets some face time over there.

I figure my options for the graham cracker cupcakes are limited to a few ingredients like marshmallow, chocolate, coconut... can't think of any more. Maybe I could do a cheesecake icing and put cherries on top. I don't know at this point. I've been getting home from work so late that I'm way too tired to stay up till midnight making cupcakes, so the batter is in the fridge waiting for me.

Every day I ask it, "Graham cracker, do you still love me?"


The Word of the Day... LIME

No Key Lime juice could be found at my local Mart of Walls, so I had to go with plain lime juice. The cupcakes turned out really good, though.

I misread Paige's instructions and made a double batch of the graham cracker cupcake base. So, tonight I'm going to experiment with some semi-sweet chocolate chips and peanut butter icing.

Here's half of the graham cracker cupcake base:

And this is what the graham cracker batter and lime mixture looks like when barely combined (per Paige - don't totally mix together)

In the process of baking... almost done...

Beginnings of the icing...

Adding a little lime zest to the icing...

The finished product...

Hey... wait a minute... where'd that cupcake go? See the missing one in the lower left corner?

Was it Harper Lee?

Not that sweet, innocent face.

Ok, I admit it. It was me.
Someone had to test - quality control, you know!


Key Lime Dreams

See those cupcakes? Yep, those. The green ones. They're being duplicated at MY house this weekend. Will any make it to work on Monday? No promises.