The Word of the Day... LIME

No Key Lime juice could be found at my local Mart of Walls, so I had to go with plain lime juice. The cupcakes turned out really good, though.

I misread Paige's instructions and made a double batch of the graham cracker cupcake base. So, tonight I'm going to experiment with some semi-sweet chocolate chips and peanut butter icing.

Here's half of the graham cracker cupcake base:

And this is what the graham cracker batter and lime mixture looks like when barely combined (per Paige - don't totally mix together)

In the process of baking... almost done...

Beginnings of the icing...

Adding a little lime zest to the icing...

The finished product...

Hey... wait a minute... where'd that cupcake go? See the missing one in the lower left corner?

Was it Harper Lee?

Not that sweet, innocent face.

Ok, I admit it. It was me.
Someone had to test - quality control, you know!


  1. Also just had to point out that I don't put zest in the icing... something about the texture weirds me out in icing... Who knows?

  2. Paige - just something extra I thought I'd throw in. Should have put it on top of the icing to make it decorative.
    I'm on the lookout here for Key Lime juice. I think they'd be much better. I'm going to check our local Food City as the Mart of Walls did not have any.

  3. Paige - no luck at the local Food City either. Guess I'll have to get some in Charleston or another "big city"!