graham cracker, do you still love me?

So I've made the Key Lime cupcakes, only there was no Key. So they were just lime. Good, but not great. The next time I'm in a big city (bigger that Pikeville with more than a super Wal Mart), I'll have to look for some.

Now, what to do with the other half of the cupcake batter? It's a graham cracker based batter, so whatever I do will have to be compatible with graham crackers. BTW, graham crackers are Newman's favorite treat. Who is Newman, you say? Check out my other blog at www.blogmydog.wordpress.com. He gets some face time over there.

I figure my options for the graham cracker cupcakes are limited to a few ingredients like marshmallow, chocolate, coconut... can't think of any more. Maybe I could do a cheesecake icing and put cherries on top. I don't know at this point. I've been getting home from work so late that I'm way too tired to stay up till midnight making cupcakes, so the batter is in the fridge waiting for me.

Every day I ask it, "Graham cracker, do you still love me?"


  1. i've seen a lot of recent recipes for s'mores cupcakes which would be delish! they have been on lots of the food bloggies lately.

  2. They usually have key lime juice near the citrus section in regular grocery stores. Some brands are just as good as the real stuff. Just don't get the double strength stuff. It tastes super fake.

    Also, be careful refrigerating batter. If the recipe uses baking soda, the leavening could lose it's "oomph" before it goes in the oven.

  3. Ah, How To Eat A Cupcake... I have committed the unpardonable sin... I have left the batter in the fridge way too long for it to be recognizable. I think it's not only the baking soda that's lost it's "oomph"... I think I have as well.
    Time has been pretty tight lately and I haven't had much cupcaking time. One day, HTEAC, one day I will return.

  4. It all sounds good to me. Whatever you did with that batter, yum.